Thursday, April 2, 2009


What is it about unassuming carpenter CARTER BARRETT that's drawn five beautiful and successful young WOMEN into whirlwind weddings with him? And how does he manage to keep smiling when all of them die of heart failure within the first month of marriage? Journalism student AMY KINCAID interviews Carter's sixth WIFE on her deathbed trying unsuccessfully to uncover any foul play on Carter's part, and is stunned to discover that all of Carter's wives know their fate going into their marriages, and so far all of them have felt that their short time with Carter is worth paying the ultimate price. When Carter is widowed once again, Amy is drawn to him, almost magnetically, and fights the urge to fall in love with him just to see for herself what loving Carter Barrett is like.

"If love is the drug, Carter Barrett is heroin."

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