Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In ancient Greece, ERIS, the goddess of strife and daughter of ZEUS, angrily tricks her father into using his power to banish himself to the future "to beg for mercy from the lesser gods of a new millenia." Zeus awakens in Hollywood, CA in the present day with none of his powers but all of his physical beauty, cunning, and appetite for sex. Needless to say, those three attributes allow him to quickly achieve celebrity stardom and, indeed, god-like status among his MORTAL FANS. Eris and several of the OTHER GODS, watching Zeus through a spell portal, decide they like the future's notion of power and adulation by subjects more than their current era of sheep sacrifices and cowering, and one by one propel themselves into Hollywood. The more gods appear in our time, however, the more Zeus regains his power, and soon a battle royale is brewing that could alter Mt. Olympus... and Hollywood, forever.

"Number one with a thunderbolt."

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