Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Kansas, 1915. With war looming across the Atlantic, an influx of YOUNG MEN from the Northeast pour in to Fort Riley for training. When news of the German's sinking of the Lusitania reaches them, the recruits take out their frustrations on ANTHONY, a cocky stable boy of German descent, by blindfolding him and forcing him to walk through a barn littered with rusty farm implements. Young sergeant RICHIE BLANCO takes the bleeding boy to the infirmary, but he isn't treated correctly and develops severe lockjaw... his body twists into impossible spasms before succumbing to death. With bigger issues on his hand, the base COMMANDER sweeps the case under the rug, but when the bullying SOLDIERS and misdiagnosing MEDICAL STAFF are murdered one by one in gruesome, serrated fashion, Richie believes that Anthony was buried alive and is now exacting his revenge.

"Watch your step."

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