Friday, April 24, 2009


Even-keeled EDGAR HENNESSEY's life has been smooth sailing, but not by accident. He has studied, worked, and loved metronomically, and made thousands of contingency plans great and small to ensure that his life will not be buffeted by any storm. Unfortunately for Edgar, nothing could have prepared him for LULU, the 22-year-old shuck-and-jiver who shows up claiming to be 40-year-old Edgar's daughter, the product of a freshman tryst. As Edgar denies the possibility of this, a strange thing occurs- his wife ANNA and teenaged children BONNIE and CALVIN take the appearance of Lulu in stride- they have been shaped by Edgar's meticulousness more than he realized- while Edgar's carefully constructed facade begins to crumble when Lulu pushes buttons in him that he didn't know existed. Edgar begins to lose his grip on reality as the true nature of Lulu's appearance in his life unfolds.

"Want to make Lulu laugh? Tell her your plans."

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