Thursday, April 23, 2009


1845: Texas is on the brink of becoming the 28th state. Crooked-as-a-rattlesnake landowner THOMAS HAYCOX knows his lawless days are soon coming to a close, and sets out to finish his murderin' before Texas joins the Union. He knows that the only two men to ever "know" his hot-blooded bride-to-be LOUISE APPLEBY in the Biblical sense are the outlaw FRANK MEEK and the Apache GILA, two former best friends who nearly killed each other over Louise just last year. Haycox figures the only way he can marry Louise as a virgin is to kill Frank and Gila first, so he sends his MEN out to capture 'em and bring 'em both back to the Ranch so they can be hanged at a formal "necktie party" the night before the wedding.

"You're cordially invited to a hangin'... weddin' to follow."


David said...

Love it- great concept, great tag. I assume the outlaw and Native American team up to give the Texan his come-uppance, but who gets the girl?

Mr. Word Player said...

There's come-uppance a plenty for all involved! As for who gets the girl... well, who do you want to win her heart? That's what I'd hoped would be part of the fun of the MPP- commenters telling me which way THEY see the story going, what they would do if this was THEIR story, etc.

Thanks for the kind words- this is one of my faves for sure.