Monday, April 6, 2009


Buttoned-down PAUL GILLESPIE is smart, handsome and boring. After graduating from a small prestigious liberal arts college with a pristine transcript and virtually no life experience, Paul decides at the last minute to turn down his MOTHER's offer to enter the family business and signs on as a deck hand on a tramp steamer leaving San Francisco and his fiancée MARGOT behind. Once he pushes through his initial fear of the unknown he discovers a side of himself in the chaotic ports of Hong Kong that he didn't know existed- he thrives on risk, conflict and danger. When Margot finally tracks him down, she barely recognizes the man she once loved: he has achieved independent success, but is also incapable of saying no to any new sensation or risk his NEW FRIENDS and RIVALS may put before him, no matter how dangerous or foolish it may be. Paul has succeeded in transforming himself, but how much is enough? Can there ever be enough?

"There's a fine line between self-discovery and self-destruction."

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