Wednesday, April 1, 2009


(Artwork by Phony Artist)

MARTIN AUSMAN, the son of legendary deceased Hollywood special effects whiz ABBOTT AUSMAN, is a gifted prankster- gifted in his imagination and unique style of execution, but also gifted in his ability to keep his "victims" smiling after all is said and done. When one of his epic pranks goes awry and gets him kicked out of college, Martin is approached by iconoclastic entrepreneur WRYE BYRNE to be his personal- and highly paid- Minister of Practical Jokes. At first, Martin is on cloud nine pranking Wrye's upper crust friends and colleagues on an unlimited budget, but when he falls in love with ELLA, the daughter of Wrye's longtime RIVAL, he wonders if he's being set up by Wrye to create a prank on his rival that goes fatally awry... or is Ella using Martin as the tool in a prank of her own?

"Is it all in good fun?"

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Anonymous2 said...

Wow, there's a lot to play with there, especially in terms of bringing high-comedy and high-drama together. I felt a real yin/yang element at play here since it deals with fun/happiness and all the things we enjoy in life, as well as dead and where fun turns sour.

I think the title shouldn't be PRANKS though. I really like that his title is Minister of Practical Jokes, and thought that could work for the movie title as well. Or something like MINISTER OF SMILES or MINISTER OF THE JOKE, etc.

I imagine this prankster has his signature stunt that he's known for...what is it? I'm DYING to know!?!?! I bet is has something to do with ass-cheeks or disappearing know, like disappearing ink but with less paper and more underwear).