Monday, April 27, 2009


It's time to satirize procedural crime dramas... and inspirational sports movies, together. Last season, once-promising high school basketball player FREDDY ZANZIBAR's life fell apart when the career 99% free throw shooter stepped to the line to shoot two free throws in the state championship and shot not one but two airballs to lose the game. Since then his prom queen girlfriend ALICIA BURNS has broken up with him and downtrodden Freddy's been greeted with the chant of "Aiiirrballll" everywhere he goes in basketball-crazed Bird, Indiana. With nothing else to do, CAPTAIN SARGENT and the LOCAL POLICE FORCE launch an investigation of the game (including "planting" young-looking rookie FLOYD GUNNER as a student to work closely with the A-V CLUB MEMBERS who've been breaking down tape of the big game looking for clues to a conspiracy) to solve the mystery before the TEAM–and pine-riding "Airball" himself–embark on another run for the championship.

"In Bird, Indiana, choking is a crime."

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