Sunday, April 5, 2009


Four struggling aspiring screenwriters (MARTHA, JAY, CHRIS and SUMANT) start a band ("The Ticking Clocks") as a kind of pressure valve for their frustrated creativity and, when they leap quickly to a series of prominent gigs, find playing music to be the best possible networking tool for their writing careers. Internal and external strife abounds as the four loner-type writers fight over whether they can co-exist as a band, how to split time between writing and music, and whether they should break it up and "print the legend" now that AGENTS are circling the heat around their names and scripts, and each one discovers more about what really drew them to Los Angeles, what they really want out of themselves and their LOVERS, and what kind of storytellers they really are as the Clocks' crowning gig at Coachella looms.

"Good art and great love both require rewrites."

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