Monday, April 13, 2009


(Artwork by Benjamin Rielly)

At 14 years old, geeky MAXWELL BARKALOFF is already 6' 3" and shaving every day. Simultaneously the envy of his freshman class and the butt of their jokes, Maxwell takes his frustration and quickly evolving physical prowess out on the deejay dancefloors of Brooklyn, where his unusual personal style and hypnotically herky-jerky moves are mistaken for brilliance by a group of boogieing YOUNG PROFESSIONAL LADIES from Manhattan... especially PEGGY COLLIER, the bookish assistant to hotshot literary agent DECLAN PINSCH. When Peggy discovers Maxwell is ten years younger than she is, she breaks off their budding romance, but in the tortured rhymes, raps, pleas and graffiti he creates trying to win her back, Peggy begins to see talents in Maxwell that far exceed getting freaky on the dancefloor.

"Get in touch with yer inner freak."

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