Monday, April 20, 2009


65-year-old CHARLIE COWLING is retiring... after a long career filled with "retiring" good guys, bad guys and other "inconveniences," first for the Marines and, for the last 30 years, the mob. At his lavish retirement party "down the Jersey Shore" thrown by DON DONALD MILICI (or "Don Don" as he's known), Charlie looks around and notices that he's the oldest guy in the room by two decades–all of his contemporaries are dead or in prison and he's literally the last man standing of his generation. As the young GOONS laugh at the ridiculously long slide show of all the guys Charlie has whacked in the "this is your life" portion of the night, a handful of YOUNG GUNS infiltrate the party to try and make their name by rubbing out Charlie the living legend... including, to Charlie's horror, his estranged son DAMON.

"When you retire, go out with a bang."

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Anonymous said...

Don Don. you kill me. seriously.