Wednesday, April 8, 2009


10-year-old JOHNNY STEWART and his little sister TANYA love playing in the woods on summer vacation with their PARENTS in the family cabin deep in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. One day they meet RENATA, a girl exactly Tanya's age and who looks eerily like her, hiding in a decrepit wood building in the forest. As they're playing, Renata (who talks and dresses "funny") warns Tanya not to run "widdershins" around the "church," but Tanya thinks she's kidding and does just that... only to disappear right before their eyes. Tanya explains that she ran widdershins around her church in the year 1909 and appeared in these woods today... but can't figure out how to get back home. Johnny and Renata- posing as Tanya- pretend that everything's OK around the Stewarts while seeking help from the local MOUNTAIN FOLK for any way to help rescue Tanya from the powerful spirits that have been running wild here for centuries.

"Forgotten superstitions are the most powerful of all."

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