Tuesday, April 7, 2009


12-year-old loner HERM JOHNSON is out of step with his peers- while they're texting and playing video games, he's exploring 20th century hobbies like stamp collecting, juggling and model-building. That all changes when his enigmatic GREAT GRANDMOTHER gives him a magic kit that she used to play with, including the secret "magic word," that allows Herm to perform backyard magic shows that draw the attention of his CLASSMATES, including cute CINDY VERA and bullies MIKE and BOB. Performing as Herman "Magic" Johnson with Cindy at his side as "his lovely assistant," Herm's show even attracts the attention of professional magician ALLOY THE ALCHEMIST, who accuses Herm of betraying the "magician's code" and engages in cheap tricks to try and force his feisty young rival out of business.

"There's a new superstar of the supernatural."

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