Sunday, April 19, 2009


After millennia of conflict with GOD, the fallen angel SATAN decides that enough is enough and travels from Hell to Earth to renounce his evil ways, reconcile with God and at long last bring peace to Earth. Since the road to Heaven has long ago been hidden from him, and he hasn't even really heard from God in centuries, Satan asks God's HUMAN FOLLOWERS to pray to God on his behalf and ask Him to send an EMISSARY to Earth to talk about abolishing sin, ending war, and so on. Many holy men, including FATHER ANDREOLI, are skeptical at first of Satan, but as time goes on and nobody hears anything from God, gradually Satan becomes more and more accepted and even revered as he tells the world stories of "the old days" when he lived in Heaven with God himself. As the world undergoes changes that feel right but somehow still strike him as wrong, Andreoli desperately tries to find hard evidence of God as he battles his own crisis of faith and the sensation that this is not the beginning of peace on Earth but the beginning of the end.

"Does God have sympathy for the Devil?"


fannyfae said...

I like this idea quite a bit! I have a friend who writes about a Demon quite a bit - not Satan, but rather one of the Nephilim / Grigori. This is very close to a plot that she and I have been working on.

Mr. Word Player said...

Thanks for the kind words FF. I got to wondering what would happen if Satan came to Earth wanting to make peace but God never showed up at the bargaining table. Good luck with the story you two are working on- can't wait to hear more about it!