Friday, April 17, 2009


Computer engineer and "technomad" NED HOPP travels the world seeking help from the cutting edges of technology and spirituality to control and understand his wild and sometimes violent mood swings. After making a pilgrimage to the world's foremost technology guru known only as THE CHIP MONK high in the Himalayas, Ned is able to configure his own body and mind with computer hardware so that another person can "surf" his neural pathways as one would the internet. After some bad experiences turning access to the "inter-Ned" over to DODGY TRAVELERS, Ned decides that only the love of his life can be trusted to access his memory and discover the cause of- and find the solution to- his lifelong affliction... but is fellow plugged-in wanderer JANELLE his true love or just another hacker eager to muck about in a new system?

"His OS has been corrupted... is love the virus or the cure?"

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