Friday, April 3, 2009


1971. Brilliant, wealthy students CHRIS GATES and TODD CARCICH take part in the "Stanford Prison Experiment" as "guards." Years later, the two are still reeling from the sadism and power they discovered within themselves and, in the name of science, build a secret laboratory and living space in a sprawling underground bomb shelter in the Nevada desert. Over the course of the 80s and 90s, the two young "Professors" kidnap over 20 INFANTS from across the country to "educate" and raise in their malevolent images deep in their windowless bunker.

2009. RICHARD, the eldest of the "children," kills Chris and Todd in the "jailbreak" they'd been warned against their entire lives. KYRIA, one of the youngest who believes she resisted the programming better than the rest, urges them to assimilate while Richard hungers for revenge. It's only when the door to the surface is finally opened that the professors' experiment is finally, truly set in motion.

"It's no fun playing God if someone isn't playing the Devil."


David said...

Dude, this is an amazing, crazy experiment (writing 365 movies ideas in one year-I already have my bunker of control group children). That said, I love the potential of this idea-the Stanford experiments are fascinating (and it seems like LOST has tangentially tried to capitalize on that). Definitely a movie there.

Mr. Word Player said...

I hadn't made the connection myself, but I couldn't agree more on the LOST connection. I can't wait 'til they reveal the REAL reason that Dharma was conducting all those behavioral experiments on the island... and how would those results differ on the island as compared to conducting them on the mainland? As for EXPERIMENTAL... I had imagined more of a gritty psychological horror take on the SPE. Thanks again for weighing in.