Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Human BOHANNON BOUGGY has finally turned 21 and been released from the only life he's ever known- indentured servitude to the alien ARGLOTIANS on the distant planet Fluxir. Rather than try to hitch a ride back to Earth on a space freighter as most humans do, Bohannon sets his sights on playing a gig on Discon, the ultimate party planet in the center of the universe. FUNKATEERS from planets near and far gravitate to Bohannon and his otherworldly skills on the space bass, but when a monolithic force known as THE EQUALIZERS threaten to take control of Discon and shut down the best dance party the galaxy has ever seen, Bohannon and his crew have to take action and become space funk commandos.

"In a galaxy this big, it's really hard to get your band noticed."

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