Sunday, April 26, 2009


(Artwork by Phony Artist)

A team of privately-funded NEUROSCIENTISTS and PARAPSYCHOLOGISTS studying psychic phenomena's connection to the brain make an exciting breakthrough when their iconoclastic leader DR. KLEIN inserts a tiny piece of his own brain into the brain of his young lover ELIZABETH and finds he is able to see through her eyes and experience her thoughts when they are standing within a few feet of each other. Klein's protege PHILLIP ACKERMAN, at first ecstatic about the possibilities of treating the mentally ill, is forced to take action... with both body and mind... when the project is suddenly taken away from the team by their benefactor ALEXIS VAN DERETZ and, one by one, the SUBJECTS and members of the team commit gruesome murders within the SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY that even they cannot explain.

"I think you will."

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