Tuesday, April 28, 2009


(Artwork by infamous New York artist and designer Reed Seifer)

Meek and squeaky-clean twentysomething STUART EZZELL is happy at his job in the PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT at a big publishing company, even though he usually does semi-mindless grunt computer work. When his computer dies the morning a big presentation is due, he runs down to the basement and plugs in an ancient war-horse computer to get the job done... and is more than a little surprised when the computer talks to him and gives him helpful hints as he works. Naturally Stuart doesn't tell anyone what's occurred, but he continues to seek out "QWERTY's" help and actually becomes friends with him as they "collaborate" on work and on Stuart's dream career of becoming a novelist. When his BOSS's cute assistant MARY discovers an increasingly eccentric Stuart talking aloud to Qwerty and tells Stuart that pages from the book he's been writing are in the voice of a WRITER who died in the office years ago, Stuart must decide whether to continue on being productive- and quite possibly insane and/or possessed- or to turn Qwerty off forever.

"Side by side on my keyboard... oh Lord."

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