Saturday, April 25, 2009


No-nonsense literary agent MARLO BANKS and three close friends (ALEXIS, JILLIAN and EMMA) drive to Sedona, AZ, known for its red sandstone formations and so-called "energy vortexes," for a girls spa weekend. The girls encourage Marlo to loosen up and take advantage of some of the town's "New Age" attractions, so Marlo relents and has her Tarot cards read by handsome ELLIOT CRUMBY. Marlo is surprised by flashes of a former life and danger in her future when Elliot shows her dominant card "Ten of Swords," but the girls all think she's jerking their chain and flirting with Elliot. Has Marlo been made a sucker by Sedona's New Age HUCKSTERS, or has she tapped into something mystical... and terrifying about her own life that calls her inexorably to perform an ancient ritual and climb the Red Rocks to discover her secret... and her fate?

"Tears will fall. Trouble will come."

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