Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A tightly-knit group of FRIENDS who moved out to Los Angeles together from a Midwest college in their early 20s are now on the cusp of 30, and are holding themselves to their collective promise to leave L.A. if they haven't found measurable success in their chosen field by the time they hit 30. JEANIE (actress-slash-waitress), STEFAN (musician-slash-landscaper), LAURA (writer-slash-assistant) and MICHAEL (producer-slash-messenger) redouble their efforts in their 29th year- some even compromising their morals in a last-ditch effort to get ahead- but their chase is complicated by the reappearance in their lives of a much-changed and eager-to-share-war-stories PEARL, the fifth friend who moved West with them, found immediate success as a model/actress and dropped them all as friends when she moved to Europe.

"Are you a dreamer/artist or a peon/fool?"

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