Friday, May 1, 2009


Statuesque redhead JAMIE CLAY rolls into the sleepy seaside South Carolina city of Beaufort and does what she always does- challenges the best male COUNTRY CLUB PLAYERS to play tennis for money, and then beats the silly grin off of their faces. Thus established, she typically earns money giving lessons and such, sleeping with the best-looking LOCALS- gals or gents- and then plans her route to the next town. This time, her routine is interrupted by crusty, bad-kneed former tour player ALBERTO SUAREZ, who sees a special talent in Jamie that he's sure he recognizes. As Alberto falls in love with her, and Jaime keeps him at arm's length while making more of a stir in the TENNIS COMMUNITY with her outrageous shotmaking and high-stakes bets than she'd like, Alberto begins to think that Jamie is actually the former Russian pre-teen blonde prodigy ALEKSANDRA ZIN who was everybody's favorite to rise to number one in the world before Russian gangster BEZEROV fell in love with her and "made her disappear."

"She'll beat you at Love."

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