Friday, May 15, 2009


Two promising young law students ALLIE and JUSTIN are close friends who've been there for each other during tumultuous break-ups and a slew of bad dates since they were teenagers, and despite agreeing they have no chemistry together, they draw up a contract saying they'll marry each other if neither has gotten married by the time they turn 40. The two drift apart after graduation... but when Allie finally thinks she's met the love of her life in RICH days before her 40th, Justin shows up waving the contact and insisting they get married. Allie sees that she will have to forfeit half her now-sizable net worth if she reneges, but Rich is in no hurry to get married despite the strong feelings he has for her. Can Allie find a suitable bride for Justin in three days time, or will sparks fly where none have ever flown?

"Love is clearly stipulated here... and here."

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