Wednesday, May 20, 2009


How can I put this delicately? Twentysomething siblings BETSEY and JONAS have hated each other's guts since they both fell in love with the same BOY in high school, and usually go out of their way to rain on the other's parade. On the eve of their FATHER'S second marriage to the much younger GRACE, both Betsey and Jonas find themselves in promising new relationships that they can't wait to rub in the other one's face, until they discover at the rehearsal dinner that not only are they are dating RICK and MICK, identical twins who are as sensitive as they are hot, but that Rick and Mick are the sons of their MOTHER's date FRANKLIN. Can Betsey and Jonas put their differences aside to keep peace at the wedding, a ceremony where their Mom is throwing monkey wrenches left and right?

"The family that dates together, hates together."

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