Tuesday, May 12, 2009


At first it seemed like a phenomena confined to the TEENAGERS of the Northern California suburb: emotional warfare via online social media designed to elicit a violent "real world" response like slashing tires or leaving fire ants in beds. When the violence escalates to murder and one of the COOL MOMS who partied with the kids is killed in her basement, Detective MARY JACKSON leads the investigation that uncovers a complicated web of online blackmail, flamethrowing and cruelty perpetrated by one or more INTERNET TROLLS who appear to be pitting people against each other strictly for kicks, or "lulz.". The closer Detective Jackson gets to uncovering the identity of the MASTERMIND, the more the LOVED ONES in her own life and COLLEAGUES on the force act erratically and, eventually, make attempts on Mary's life as they try to keep their own dark secrets from surfacing.

"A good murder takes a lot of networking."

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