Monday, May 11, 2009


1959. Naïve 22 year-old ELIZA WOOTEN breaks up with her blue-collar boyfriend FRED and moves from Nebraska to Los Angeles hoping to make it as an actress. While conspicuously hanging out at Schwab's drugstore hoping to get discovered, she meets talent agent KNOX MACINTOSH, who promises that he's got the perfect part for her if she signs with him today. Eliza quickly discovers that her bit role in a Hollywood costume epic isn't the part Knox had in mind, but the role of All-American girlfriend to the film's mercurial star ROSS PEYTON- a less-and-less closeted gay actor that studio boss ELI DANON is pinning very high hopes on. Eliza at first is shocked by virtually everything in this new world, but after failing to "turn" Ross straight she decides on another course of action; turning herself into star by beating Hollywood at its own game.

"A Hollywood fairy tale."

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