Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bookish, well-connected Georgetown Art History major CAROLINE EVANS returns home from a year abroad eager to see her YOUNG POLITICO FRIENDS and hits a series of Embassy parties to catch up with them. She recognizes a quiet young man (PASCAL) that she had a crush on from afar during her tours of Asian and European museums, but when she introduces herself he roughly takes her by the hand and whisks her away after she name checks a particularly obscure statue they both saw that summer. Exhilarated Caroline soon realizes that she's identified herself as a contact for a gang of anarchic ART THIEVES WHO ARE ARTISTS THEMSELVES, and decides to play along with their scheme to replace great works of art in the private and public collections of Washington D.C with similar (but subversively different) works of their own. Caroline comes alive- she's never had this much fun in her life and goodness is Pascal hot- but the thrill of danger and the actuality of it are two different animals when the group's REAL CONTACT comes after her.

"Beauty is in the paint of the beholder."

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