Monday, May 25, 2009


Gamine teen JANIE TOWNSHEND was surprised to be nominated for prom queen and even more surprised at how tough she took it when she lost... which wasn't helped by the teasing she took at the hands of eventual winner NINA FAIDE. Walking home with her shy date ZACK, Janie is blinded by a bright light from the skies and wakes up... on board an ALIEN spacecraft. Jamie and Zack are informed that Jamie has been selected as the most beautiful creature on Earth and is headed for the biggest beauty contest in the Universe as the entry for the pilots of the ship ARN and GHEEGHEE, two teenagers from the distant planet FYMITIS who are bitter about their own species's perceived ugliness. Janie and Zack learn a thing or two about the universe's standards of beauty... and competition... as they are forced to participate in the pageant against creatures from across the universe: winner takes all, the home planets of the runners-up are destroyed.

"Because if you don't look good, Earth don't look good."


Anonymous said...

this is another one that I wouldn't go see but could damn well get made. You have embraced the silly and it suits you.


Mr. Word Player said...

Thanks amigo! With 365 of these to create, I am mining every possible genre and niche I can think of. I'm glad my natural goofiness is translating as commercial silliness.