Sunday, May 3, 2009


JACKSON GREENWOOD's life is falling apart because of all the sex. Forget about keeping a GIRLFRIEND, he can barely hold a job because of his constant, pathological preoccupation with finding and bedding his next CONQUEST. When Jackson picks up occupational therapist EILEEN SNOW and the two have sex that even one as sexually jaded as he considers mindblowing, he agrees to allow Eileen to help him find a line of work that will both keep him employed and help him curb his addiction to sex. As their work continues, Jackson finds himself bothered by the fact that Eileen continues to see other men while they're together, and the value of fidelity dawns on him even as women from his past life like JACKIE tug at him to give up his attempts to change and return to his freewheeling carnal ways.

"Is love hotter than sex?"

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