Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Born-in-the-Bronx JIMMY ALONZO practically grew up in the Yankees dugout- from his years as a bat boy to his job as a clubhouse attendant- and was seen as a good luck charm by many STAR PLAYERS and even by GEORGE STEINBRENNER. But when the organization cleaned house before opening their new stadium, they not only swept Jimmy aside but they placed the blame of a steroids scandal squarely (and unfairly) at his feet. Enlisting the help of two bitter EX-WIVES of top players cheated out of alimony by Yankees LAWYERS and a highly-placed (and waaay too pennant-obsessed) RED SOX FAN at the Yankees bank, Jimmy uses his intimate knowledge of the club's day-to-day operation to scheme his revenge: stealing an entire week's worth of the Yankee's $210 million payroll during the playoffs.

This summer, the diamond's gonna get rough."


dwr said...

Love this one - make it happen, will you? I want to go see it.

Mr. Word Player said...

I'll do my best... thanks for the vote of confidence. Funny looking back now, this pitch with the "steroid scandal" plot point was written the day before the Manny story broke.