Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Famously insensitive workaholic creative director JOSH ALFORD is the master of the meeting, the king of the conference call, but when he's accidentally (?) electrocuted working on a PowerPoint late-night at the office and his consciousness is transferred into the company intranet, he exists only as a system "glitch." As he co-exists with the FILES and SOFTWARE he's relied upon so heavily to make his fortune, Josh attempts to find his way out of the digital world and get reunited with his comatose corporeal body, discovers the secrets and inner lives of his EMPLOYEES- including the identity of his unlikely SECRET ADMIRER- all while uncovering a plot by his PARTNER to kill him and take over the firm they built together.

"If he could only hit Escape."

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Joseph said...

Sounds like tron a little. Lol.