Friday, May 22, 2009


While most neighborhood KIDS are building tree forts or boxcar racers, ultra-enthusiastic 11-year-old STEVIE COLMAN, son of college professor DR. COLMAN, is conducting psychological "research" on his peers... often getting beaten up when he shares his "findings." When a sprained ankle gains him entrance to the once-stately home of neighborhood "mean old lady" GWENDOLYN SLOSS, Stevie believes that he's finally found someone who truly needs psychiatric care. "Miss Gwennie" humors the boy as often as she taunts him for being "too sunny," and sees him for a series of "sessions" throughout the summer that slowly uncover secrets she's been keeping about her past and her medical conditions... secrets that could either save her life or endanger his.

"Sunshine doesn't always beat back the dark."

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