Saturday, May 2, 2009


High schoolers GENNA ACKERMAN and MATT DIAZ have been dating a while now, and to keep things spicy they've been getting in more and more trouble... but just for kicks. In a seedy part of downtown, they pull a stunt on an old FORTUNE TELLER where Matt causes a commotion while Genna grabs her crystal ball and takes it out in her purse. In Genna's basement with their CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, they're amazed when the crystal ball shows them images from their future... a series of images that climax with Matt killing Genna. They try and laugh it off, but the next day when the first images in the series begin to come true Matt and Genna freak out and return to the Fortune Teller's to confess their theft... only to discover that the Fortune Teller was murdered moments after they stole her crystal ball.

"When you look into the future, the future can look back."


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this story idea. No wait, I more than love the idea...I want it to happen to ME ! I know a gazillion people that would want to see this story play out. I'm just sayin .... ~ Colette

Mr. Word Player said...

Thanks for the enthusiasm Colette. One of the many things I hoped would happen with this project is for me to get a better sense of what kind of stories people had instant positive reactions to and which ones left people cold. Feedback like this is invaluable- cheers!