Thursday, May 14, 2009


Every summer, thousands of COLLEGE STUDENTS migrate to Alaska for high wage seasonal work on fishing boats and in salmon canneries. Two couples (TALI and MAX, and ALICE and BRENT) and two of their outdoorsy friends NICK and PANCHO set up camp in the seaside town of Kenai, with Nick and Pancho taking the more physically challenging jobs on the boats while the couples take long-hour grinds on the "slime line" slicing and dicing the fish in the cannery and enjoying the robust party scene in the woods each sunlit night. Tali and Max begin to notice odd behavior in their FRIENDS, zombified by 20-hour shifts, nearly 24 hour sunlight and too much local marijuana, but when they start disappearing it's written off to slacker burnout or late night moves to the next location. A visit by the cannery's jolly JAPANESE OWNERS prompts Tali to follow them into the bowels of the warehouse, where she's shocked to discover that it's not only fish they're cutting up and preserving as a delicacy...

"This summer, take part in the harvest."

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