Sunday, May 17, 2009


Photograph by Mr. Word Player

1250 B.C. After eons where the GODS constantly tricked the HUMANS and used them as pawns in their games, the power-hungry man ALVOS calculatedly triggers a cataclysmic battle between ZEUS and HERA and their offspring APOLLO, ATHENA, et al. that results in the destruction of Mount Olympus and sees nearly all of the gods, and indeed all of the magic that made them powerful, wiped forever from the face of the Earth. Alvos rounds up a force of SOLDIERS to track down and destroy the now-powerless MONSTERS and MINOR DEITIES who survived, but two human children (BENOS and CLYMENE) who refuse to give up believing in the old ways collect a ragtag group of Monsters and fallen Gods and attempt to lead them far from Greece before it's too late.

"Or, How to Console Your Gods and Save the Monsters That Frighten You."

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