Monday, May 4, 2009


It's time to play with the conventions of the Romantic Comedy... and tell the tale of how clumsy, sweet, librarian-with-glasses-but-secretly-smoking-hot LAUREN KRONER finally found love in the big city... as seen through the eyes of her fabulous (but equally as star-crossed in love) gay best friend LAURENT BONZI. Lauren's galpals CINDY and KATE always joke that Lauren and Laurent are so alike that "only a 't' separates them," while Laurent's club-happy friends ROY and DONALD wish he spent more time out with them than cleaning up the emotional messes of his hag. Things get really complicated when Lauren asks Laurent's help getting"the one"- gorgeous investment banker ERIC- to fall in love with her, and Laurent realizes that he and Eric had a weekend fling last summer.

"Always the bride's-hag, never the groom."

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