Thursday, March 5, 2009


JANE and "DOC" BUTLER's 25th Anniversary pleasure cruise with SIX LIFELONG FRIENDS goes horribly awry when their chartered yacht goes off course between Jamaica and Haiti and is boarded by ruthless COLUMBIAN PIRATES. The pirates loot the boat, kill THE CREW and JANE'S SISTER, destroy all communications equipment and leave the leaking, darkened boat listing in the middle of the ocean... where Jane Butler begins to piece together a theory that all of this was no accident and a KILLER may still be on board... as the ship takes on more and more water.

"There's not time to do much thinking, when the boat you're on is sinking..."


Marvin Miranda said...

I think this one could be done in real time, a la Nick of Time. I think it would add to the suspense and fun!

Mr. Word Player said...

Great idea Marvin. The hijackers could leave just as the sun is setting, so the light begins to palpably fade as the boat begins to take on more and more water. I could see the whole thing, from calm-before-the-storm clue-filled Anniversary toasts on deck to the reveal of the killer's identity as the ship finally sinks, transpiring in 100 minutes!

Marvin Miranda said...

Yes! It could be like Dead Calm, but in real time!