Friday, March 20, 2009


Insulated WILLIAM F. ISLINGTON IV, Harvard Class of '29, has just discovered something amazing: everyone in his life who'd always smilingly treated him with the utmost respect actually loathes him and his entire family. At school he was secretly hated for the wealth accumulated by his corrupt railroad baron FATHER AND GRANDFATHER, in Europe he was secretly hated because his family plundered their treasured works of art and, hardest of all for our naïve William to fathom, the entire staff of the family manse- always so kind to his face- hated him with a white-hot passion... including fiery-eyed RUBY SCUFF, daughter of his father's obedient VALET. When the stock market crash of '29 leaves him penniless, William rejoices in the fact that he now knows the truth and sets about trying to restore honor to his family by working for Ruby and her father.

"Sometimes you need a broken mirror to see who you really are."

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