Sunday, March 29, 2009


WILL PINKERTON is tired of feeling like the second banana in his own life, and decides it's time to part ways with his looooong time best friend ALEX. Alex's smug alpha male arrogance was a lot funnier when they were 19 than it is at 29... Unfortunately for Will, everyone else in his life thinks it's a huge mistake and does their best to get them back "together." Will's plan for independence and maturity backfires when Alex toys with Will's budding relationship with RENEEÉ (who, naturally, was introduced to Will by Alex), throws fuel on the fire of Will's precarious work situation and even turns Will's expansive FAMILY against him. All Alex wants is for Will to say "uncle" and return to the uneven arrangement they'd always had, but when Will discovers that Alex has been casually sabotaging his life for kicks since high school he decides to fight fire with fire.

"Have you ever had a best friend that you just plain hate?"

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