Monday, March 30, 2009


NAP BLAYLOCK is a lot like life- he's nasty, brutish and short. What the British expat lacks in height he more than makes up in physical strength, bad attitude and a gift for insults, all big reasons why he's an in-demand bodyguard for ACTORS and SINGERS... of course it doesn't hurt that Nap makes them look tall in comparison. When Nap falls in love with SUNDARI, the peaceful instructor of a Los Angeles meditation group, his defining traits are defused and his lack of sharpness begins to enable the STALKER plaguing his oft-nominated-but-never-a-winner client FRANKIE LEUNG as awards season kicks into gear. Can Nap reconnect with his inner asshole and save the day without losing his new love?

"Nap Blaylock is short, sharp, and shocking!"

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