Monday, March 9, 2009


When a group of entitled New Orleans PREP SCHOOL SENIORS compete in a lewd and crude Scavenger Hunt against their rowdy PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL counterparts in the Hurricane-ravaged ghost towns surrounding the city, they soon discover that a third team has entered the competition: displaced HUNTERS AND TRAPPERS who kill for sport.

"It's not a party until someone gets broken."


Marvin Miranda said...

I love a lot of the plots you've come up with in the past week or so! But I think this is my favorite one! It reminds me a lot of The Zero Boys (1986, d: Nico Mastorakis), which starts out as an action film that turns into a horror/slasher flick!

Mrs. Word Player said...

That sounds scary enough that I would definitely NOT go see it (a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Marvin Miranda said...

Oh, I just realized that was Mrs. Word Player making that second comment :)! Deliverance, Southern Comfort, e.g., tug that line between action and horror. In fact, you can argue that there's no greater horror than what can be real. So, I understand, Mrs. Word Player, why you would pass up your own husband's movie!