Saturday, March 28, 2009


Chemist DAN ZELLER, once a rising star at a major pharmaceutical company and now a junkie on a death trip, sees his entire life flash before his eyes... sees dead friends and relatives waiting to greet him... and fully believes he's dead. He wakes up and discovers that the unique combination of chemicals he ingested can produce the repeatable "life flashing before eyes" reaction, with each trip producing a more vivid experience of standing between life and death. Paradoxically, this discovery snaps him out of his suicidal spiral and he seeks reconciliation with his ex-wife COLETTE, but as he and his volunteer guinea pig AARON continue to experiment in secret hoping to unlock the secrets of the soul, death and afterlife, they begin to believe that souls of people they once loved have changed into something unrecognizable and are coming back to this world with them... craving a new host.

"Knock knock... what's there?"

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