Friday, March 27, 2009


A close-knit clique of HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS in Salem, Massachusetts think it's cheeky to play with Ouija boards and dabble in Wicca to toy with the GROWN-UPS in the town still famous for its Witch Trials over 300 years later. The tables appear to be turned when they befriend OLLIE, an impish exchange student from Zanzibar who claims that the true history of witchcraft in Salem began when slaves from his village arrived and shared their magical talismans with the locals. At first, the teens dismiss Ollie's "mumbo jumbo" but one by one they begin to believe when their contact with Ollie's talisman gives them the ability to see spirits and cast spells, and opens a very frightening door to Salem's sordid past.

"They see something unbelievable... can you?"

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