Sunday, March 8, 2009


After the PRIMARY FILM CREW of an indie feature leaves their locations in the Utah desert to return to L.A., the second unit (SECOND UNIT DIRECTOR and CINEMATOGRAPHER, plus BODY DOUBLES for the two leads) remains to shoot additional footage and inserts. The director's GIRLFRIEND, an aspiring editor, notices ghostly images in his footage, and soon everyone in the second unit feels a SUPERNATURAL PRESENCE closing in on them and forcing them and their cameras to take part in an unholy ritual of death... and rebirth.

They say a camera can steal your soul... what happens to it next?

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Marvin Miranda said...

Fantastic tagline!! How about ". . .a camera steals your soul. . ." instead of ". . .can steal. . ." You're already saying that "they say," implying that it's not a fact, merely what people believe.