Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's time to play with narrative structure. We're all familiar with fantasy and dream sequences in film misdirecting us for a moment and revealing something critical about the characters experiencing them... what would it be like if virtually an entire film was made up of fantasy sequences, and the audience was left to decide what (and where) the few reality sequences were... and what they meant? FRANKLIN BERGEN is a young boy... or an old man... or a husband... or a prisoner... or a shaman, and he may be experiencing a surrealist pastiche of his past, a revelation about his future, or a night of bad dreams brought on by Thai food. One thing's for certain, he is growing very weary of being chased by... SOMEONE.

"I am a nightmare walking."


bgt said...

Directed by Tarsem?

Mr. Word Player said...

In the future, everything will be directed by Tarsem.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC. I want to see it. The person pursuing him will be the only really rated R thing about it because his encounters with the boy and others will be INSANELY violent, everything else is kind of flight of fancy.