Friday, March 6, 2009


In 1974, gifted but painfully shy violinist ARTHUR CLEMENTI's dream of playing for the Buffalo (NY) Philharmonic appears dead due to his crippling stage fright, but a chance encounter with THE BEE GEES leads to him becoming an in-demand arranger for the newest musical craze- Disco. Arthur takes some awkward stabs at living the high life, but appears to be the only Disco musician in the world not having any fun until he falls in love with actress/singer FANTASIA, half of the infamously hedonistic husband and wife duo THE DISCO SWINGERS, as Disco's popularity reaches its crescendo... then begins to tumble.

"He had the Talent, he had the Dream... but did he have the Disco Balls?"


knowhereman said...

great tagline and i would probably see this film too.

Marvin Miranda said...

Ah, I'm thinking A STAR IS BORN meets DISCO FEVER (1978, Fabian,
Casey Kasem, et. al)!

Mr. Word Player said...

I just think there's something really funny about a prudish, dorky, classically trained violinist in the recording studio with someone like the Village People or K.C. and the Sunshine Band in full bacchanal mode.

Mr. CFA said...

anything with "balls" in it has to be good.