Monday, August 10, 2009


By most outward appearances pharmaceutical salesman TONY HANDLER has led a successful life so far... I mean look at all that stuff, right? After a particularly indulgent New Year's Eve, Tony decides to quit smoking... and it feels good. Soon red meat is gone... and then poker, then he sells his memorabilia collection. At first his girlfriend VALERIE is happy to see the changes, but when Tony decides to give up television and the gym and couches and sex she starts to get worried. When Valerie arranges for Tony to meet his new idol, the ascetic guru and bestselling author SUMEET, her hopes of have some sense talked to him about a well-balanced life are dashed when Sumeet recruits Tony to be the poster boy for the joy of ultimate self-denial.

"If less is more, then what is nothing?"


Anonymous said...

Can I buy this from you?

Mr. Word Player said...

Hi Anonymous! Shoot me an email at and we can discuss.