Wednesday, June 24, 2009


ANDERSON L. FRANK prides himself on being the blankest of blank slates, but at 30 that hasn't gotten him very far. After struggling for years to find paying work as an actor, Anderson discovers an acting-for-hire subculture on Craigslist: $500 here to play a dog walker for a SINGLE FATHER eager to "lose" an irritating dog without his KIDS hating him, $1000 there to play the boyfriend of a homely WOMAN attending her 10-year high school reunion. Things get tricky for Anderson when he's offered $50,000 by an UNSEEN BENEFACTOR to pose as a long-lost stepbrother to beautiful sisters AILEEN and TANYA WALLACH, who stand to inherit millions after the sudden death of their FATHER and STEPMOTHER in a tragic boating accident.

"The role he was born to play changes every day."


Anonymous said...

I see a Jim Carey-ish type in this. But what does he stand to lose if he fails?

Mr. Word Player said...

That's a good question. In my head, he's become hooked on the attention and immersion in a role that he'd never been able to achieve in traditional acting. Once he accepts the central offer, he knows he can never go back to the "day player" type roles, despite his growing misgivings about the morality and legality of what he's doing. I also imagined feelings of love developing for one or both of the sisters, which is complicated by a) the big lie and b) the familial relationship of his role. And finally, of course, the money he has on the table would go away.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good one.