Monday, August 27, 2007

Death Blog 2000

Yesterday I read a stimulating article in the NY Times about "life lists": lists people make of goals and experiences they want to achieve before they die. I think "death list" has a lot more urgency than "life list", but the point is that writing about these lists has become a cottage industry and I want in.

One of the sources quoted was, a website where you can join "1,217,358" people in making out a list of 43 things you want to do, then see who else shares your aspirations (for instance, 138 people want to learn Hungarian before their ticket is punched).

Instead of writing up a life list, I thought I'd make a blog list of 43 subjects I want to blog about before I expire and/or tire of blogging. So, with no further talk of my inevitable death...

1. The maxims of Nicholas-Sebastien Roch de Chamfort
2. Scrabble
3. Post-structuralism
4. Truisms that aren't true
5. The excuse "Sorry, I've been really busy"
6. Words I hate myself for having to constantly look up
7. "Greatest Hits" from my portfolio of screenplay coverage
8. The importance of a good title to books, movies, TV shows
9. Fantasy Baseball
10. Pascal's Wager
11. Dinosaurs
12. The Inner Game of Tennis

13. Headphones
14. Liner notes
15. Friendship
16. Email etiquette
17. Wishlists
18. Socrates and Plato
19. High school survival stories
20. Ghost stories
21. Solipsism
22. David Cronenberg's DEAD RINGERS

25. Deejaying
26. Brooklyn
27. Nihilism
28. Omelettes
29. Homophones & Homonyms
30. Nightmares
31. Mad Libs
32. LSD
33. Memory vs. History
34. Liars
35. Statistics
37. Writing poetry
38. Bad ideas vs. Good ideas
39. The voices inside our heads
40. Snapshots
41. Context
42. Bermuda

43. Love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Truisms that aren't true like verteran pitchers are better than young pitchers in the playoffs? I'm looking forward to that one Mr. Word Guy.